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With great progress, comes great responsibility. As the AI field continues to grow, it's more important than ever to guide the course of progress towards the optimal path.
As a developer, technologist, engineer or coding enthusiast, your knowledge can help break new ground in the field of AI. And we believe you should be compensated fairly for it. 
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What our participants are saying 💬

The AI studies I have taken are about training an AI program to behave in the manner that its developers are looking for. This is done over the course of several studies, and typically you need to be a bit creative in your responses and do a bit of fact-checking. It makes for a refreshing change from other types of studies. Prolific Participant
If you're interested in AI, Prolific is a great way to learn about the subject in a fun and interesting manner, and get paid for your time spent doing so! You can participate in useful research in a relevant up-and-coming industry. Prolific Participant
With AI studies, you are training an AI model. AI models need lots of information, and user testing to make sure that they make sense, and will be well received. It's a major field right now, and it can be exciting to see something that you helped train become an actual product. Prolific Participant
AI studies ask you to talk to a chat bot. Asking questions then rating the answers. And often trying to get it to break the rules. I very much enjoy taking AI studies. I feel like I am learning something by taking the studies. And very happy to be involved in the development of AI. I hope to take part in more in the future. Prolific Participant
These studies have you interact with an AI and carry a normal conversation. It is very interesting to see where the chat goes or what the AI comes up with for an answer. Everything runs smooth and there are almost no issues when interacting with the AI. It is really cool to learn about the AI while helping to train it at the same time, I highly recommend that everyone tries these studies. Prolific Participant
AI studies on Prolific and fun and interesting. They are more like having a chat with a friend than taking a survey. They are very interactive and can cover an endless variety of topics of your choice. You can really get creative and might even learn something along the way. Prolific Participant
Taking AI studies on Prolific has been very insightful. It's interesting talking to an artificial intelligence on different subjects to get a sense of how an AI thinks and performs on various task. I enjoy taking the studies because its not only knowledge based but it give me a glimpse into the future, on how things will be done in the near future, as our world is becoming AI operational based. Prolific Participant
My journey with Prolific has been an engaging experience, participating in both AI and traditional psychological studies. In AI studies, I've enjoyed helping shape the future of AI through creative tasks. Meanwhile, the psychological studies have allowed me to learn about myself and contribute to understanding human behavior. Prolific offers a user-friendly platform with diverse topics and fair payments. Overall, it's been a rewarding opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research while earning some extra income. Prolific Participant
The studies are fun engaging activities to help train the AI. You're usually talking to the AI and choosing the best responses from AI or sorting out the responses that are against the AI's policy. You are making the AI better for its users. Prolific Participant

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